Nursery Section

IJS is a family with in the family taking care of tiny tots in shaping their bright future. We cater to the specific needs of these young learners in a safe and nurturing environment, within the larger canvas of the institution. Nursery programmes in the class are aimed at building the foundation learning equipping students with key skills in literacy and numeracy.

IJS nursery section comprises Pre-Primary, Lower kindergarten (LKG) and Upper Kindergarten (UKG). Our teachers focus on learning through group activities and hands-on-work methods. These crucial years are planned to help these children to improve their self-confidence and build their curiosity. Our teachers help these children to make learning their own.

Primary Section

Our Faculty at Primary section is highly talented and experienced with many bright ideas to inculcate in students the basic values focusing not only academics but also on personality and emotional development. Wrapped in our vision statement are these ideals and values which are enshrined in the very ‘ethos” of our School curriculum. We try to provide them ample opportunities to help our students to “excel” thus, shaping them to be responsible citizens.

We have ‘shifted’ the School teaching from normal to “Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation” (CCE) pattern of education from this Jubilee adhering to the proposal made by the Govt. of Karnataka.

High School

High Section spans from 8th to 10th Std with a lot of opportunities for our students to grow and excel in their academic and other areas. We have introduced “Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation pattern (CCE) two years ago and we are finding it extremely beneficial to the students to improve their analytical, research, collaborative and presentation skills, and thus, pave way for a lifelong love for learning.

We provide them a lot of extra-curricular activities including games, sports, karate, Scouts & Guides, Debate, Quiz, Project works and various other co-scholastic competitions to sharpen their minds and fit for the future life.

School Calendar 2017 - 2018

Date Day Plan Class
05/06/2017 Monday World Environment Day  
08/06/2017 Thursday World's Ocean Day  
14/06/2017 Wednesday Flag Day  
15/06/2017 Thursday Father's Day  
17/06/2017 Saturday Investiture Ceremony  
21/06/2017 Wednesday International Yoga Day  
26/06/2017 Monday Ramzan  
01/07/2017 Saturday National Dactor's Day  
04/07/2017 Tuesday World Population Day  
20/07/2017 Thursday FA – I I to VII & VIII to X
24/07/2017 Monday Last Shravana Somavara Holiday
28/07/2017 Friday Nagara Panchami Holiday
15/08/2017 Tuesday Independence Day Holiday
25/08/2017 Friday Ganesh Chathurthi Holiday
02/09/2017 Saturday Bakrid Holiday
08/09/2017 Friday World Literacy Day  
11/09/2017 Monday FA – II I to VII & VIII to X
15/09/2017 Friday Engineer’s Day  
16/09/2017 Saturday World Ozone Day  
17/09/2017 Sunday Hyd. .Karnataka Liberation Day  
19/09/2017 Tuesday Mahalaya Amavasya Holiday
21/09/2017 Thursday International Peace Day  
29/09/2017 Friday Maha Navami / Ayudha PoojaHoliday  
30/09/2017 Saturday Vijayadashami Holiday
01/10/2017 Sunday Senior Citizen’s Day& Moharam  
02/10/2017 Monday Gandhij Jayanthi Holiday
03/10/2017 Tuesday SA – I I to VII & VIII to X
05/10/2017 Thursday Valmiki Jayanthi Holiday
16/10/2017 Monday World Food Day  
18/10/2017 Wednesday Naraka Chathurdasi  
19/10/2017 Thursday Deepavali Amavase  
20/10/2017 Friday Balipadyami Holiday
01/11/2017 Wednesday Karnataka Rajyotsava Day Holiday
04/11/2017 Saturday Gurunanak Jayanthi  
05/11/2017 Sunday Valmiki Jayanthi Holiday
06/11/2017 Monday Kanakadas Jayanthi Holiday
09/11/2017 Thursday Postal Day  
14/11/2017 Tuesday Children’s day Holiday
02/12/2017 Thursday Ed – Milad Holiday
18/12/2017 Monday FA – III I to VII & VIII to X
25/12/2017 Monday Christmas Holiday
01/01/2018 Monday New Year  
15/01/2018 Monday Sankranthi Holiday
26/01/2018 Friday Republic Day Holiday
12/02/2018 Monday FA – IV I to VII & VIII toIX
13/02/2018 Tuesday Mahashivaratri Holiday
17/02/2018 Saturday Valedictory function IX A,B,C & D
19/02/2018 Monday I – Preparatory X A,B & C
24/02/2018 Saturday Thanks Giving Celebration X ABC & D
02/03/2018 Friday Holi Holiday
08/03/2018 Thursday International Women’s Day  
12/03/2018 Monday II – Preparatory X A, B & C
18/03/2018 Sunday Ugadi Holiday
19/03/2018 Monday SA – II I to X
29/03/2018 Thursday Mahaveer Jayanti Holiday
30/03/2018 Friday Good Friday Holiday
04/04/2018 Wednesday Ram navam  
10/04/2018 Tuesday Annual Result  
14/04/2018 Saturday Dr. Ambedkar jayanthi  

Celebrations for the Academic Year 2017 - 2018

No. Month Date Day Celebration Tr. Incharge
1. Jun 17/06/17 Sat Investiture Day 10 ABCD
2. Jun 05/06/17 Mon World Environmental Day 8 ABC
3. Aug 15/08/17 Tue Independence Day CBSE
4. Sep 05/09/17 Tue Teachers Day CBSE
5. Sep 17/09/17 Sun Hyderabad Karnataka Day 8 ABCD
6. Oct 02/10/17 Mon Gandhi Jayanthi 4 ABCD
7. Oct 05/10/17 Thu Valmiki Jayanthi 5 ABCD
9. Nov 1/11/17 Wed Karnataka Rajotsava day All Kannada teachers (IJS Primary)
10. Nov 14/11/17 Tue Children’s Day IJS Primary Teachers
11. Dec 23/12/17 Sat Chirstmas day Christian Teachers
12. Jan 14/01/18 Sun Infant Jesus Feast 7 ABCD
13. Jan 26/01/18 Fri Republic Day IJS High Teachers
14. Feb 01/02/18 Thu I-VII Annual Prize Distribution day 6 ABCD
15. Feb 02/02/18 Fri VII –X Annual Prize Distribution day 9 ABCD
16. Feb 17/02/18 Sat Valedictory function 9 ABCD
17. Feb 24/02/18 Sat Thanks giving celebration X ABCD Teachers
18. Apr 14/04/18 Sat Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Jayanthi I ABCD Teachers


Competition for the Academic Year 2017 – 18

Nursery School

S No. Competitions Names Class Month & Date Day
1. Rhymes Baby Sitting, L.K.G & U.K.G July, 27 – 07 – 17 Thursday
2. Story Telling L.K.G & U.K.G Aug, 24 – 08 – 17 Thursday
3. Fancy Dress Competition Baby Sitting, L.K.G & U.K.G Sep, 30 – 09 – 17 Saturday
4. Word Building Competition U.K.G Nov, 25 – 11 – 17 Saturday

Competition for the Academic Year 2017 – 18

VIII – X Std E / M

S No. Competitions Names Date & Day Incharge
1. Patriotic Song 07/08/2017 Monday Mrs. Maria, Mrs. Santhoshi & Mrs. Savithri
2. Elocution Competition 08/08/2017 Tuesday Mrs. Roopa, Mrs. Sridevi &Mr. Vidyanand
3. Fancy Dress Competition 09/08/2017 Wednesday Mrs. Mamatha.K.S, Mrs.Savithri Patil & Mrs. Sunitha Bai
4. Fireless Cooking Competition 10/08/2017 Thursday Mr. Vidyanand , Mrs. Kalyani & Mrs. Saraswathi
5. Rangoli Competition 11/08/2017 Friday Mrs. Rekha, Mrs. Krishnaveni & Mrs. Sunitha Bai
6. Drawing Competition 12/08/2017 Saturday Mr. Diwate, Mrs. Veena & Mrs. Shainaz Sulthana

Over All Incharge : - Vidyanand

Group Incharge Teachers VIII – X Std

Red Group -   Mrs. Santhoshi, Mrs. Kalyani & Mrs. Maria
Blue Group -   Mrs. Rekha , Mrs. Sridevi & Mrs. Saraswathi
Green Group -   Mrs. Mamatha.K.S, Mrs. Sunitha Bai & Mr. Vidyanand
Yellow Group -   Mrs. Roopa, Mrs.Savithri Patil& Mrs. Krishnaveni

Competition for the Academic Year 2017 – 18

I & II ( Eng / Kan Medium) III & IV ( Eng / Kan Medium)
1.   Fancy Dress – July 15th 1.   Word Building – Sep 09th
2.   Story Telling – August 19th 2.   Handicraft – July 15th
3.   Recitation – Nov 18th 3.   Fancy Dress – Aug 19th
4.   Paper Craft – Sep 09th 4.   Quiz – Nov 18th
V & VII ( Eng / Kan Medium)
1. Speech Competition – July 8th 3. Moral Story Competition Nov 4th
2. Patriotic Songs – Aug 5th 4. Decoration on the Earthen Ware Dec 9th




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